Sometimes, those we love most are the hardest to see.

LOOK AT ME AGAIN focuses on three sisters, each at different stages in their lives but all starting families of their own. The story opens as the youngest sister, Melissa, is dressing for her wedding to Richard, an officer in the U.S. Army Rangers. The two are deeply in love and Melissa dreams of little more than a fairy-tale life as an Army wife. Reminiscing about her own wedding and offering sisterly advice is Sherry who is expecting her first child with her husband Liam. Eldest sister Kendra is excited for Melissa but conflicted about taking the same step with her longtime boyfriend Alex, fearing the pressures of marriage may threaten their otherwise wonderful relationship.

Sherry first fell in love with Liam’s passion for politics, but with a new baby to care for their life is thrown into disarray when he decides to run for a seat in the Texas legislature. Liam dives into his campaign relishing the chance to make a difference; but the organizational details begin to overwhelm him, so his consultants arrange to have an eager young political science student named Anne join the campaign to help out. Her intelligence is immediately apparent while her energy and enthusiasm help Liam stay motivated.

Home alone with baby Chris however; Sherry struggles with feelings of abandonment and a lowering self-esteem as she faces life for the first time not being the center of Liam’s attention. On a particularly stressful day, in a desperate attempt to enjoy some adult conversation she calls her sister.

Kendra isn’t home but Sherry recognizes the voice on the phone as Alex’s best friend Mike, who also happens to be her ex-boyfriend from college. Craving a break from her housewife routine, she agrees to meet Mike at a coffee bar and they quickly sense the lingering chemistry between them.

Kendra agrees to marry Alex despite her fear that making it “official” actually forces people to grow apart. The two begin planning their wedding while contending with Mike’s juvenile behavior and annoying habit of showing up between dates to crash on their couch or watch their HD TV. In reality Mike never got over Sherry leaving him in college which leads him to use women, determined to hurt them the way Sherry hurt him; but he also seizes any chance he can to be near her.

Melissa and Richard carve out a nice life on the Army base. They set up a lovely home and live without a care in the world. Their quiet security is shaken however when Richard’s helicopter goes down in a training accident. Learning of the crash from a television news report, Melissa waits in the dark desperately, but unsuccessfully, trying to get more details from the Army. Relief comes when Richard steps through the door, injured, but alive. The incident reminds them to cherish every day they have together.

As the campaign progresses, Sherry and Liam live a life of quiet rage. They grow ever distant, with Sherry resorting to petty attacks while Liam remains focused and incapable of addressing the reasons she is upset. Her frustration boils over several times, including a desperate attempt to get Liam to quit the race. Liam refuses, reminding her that his goals didn’t change because he became a husband and father.

With this failure, Sherry seeks an opportunity to reclaim some identity by searching for a job of her own. When an interview opportunity arises she calls Kendra to babysit Chris. Again Kendra is gone but a familiar voice answers the phone. In a pinch, Sherry accepts Mike’s offer to babysit and is then forced to lie about the situation to Liam. Liam and Sherry grow farther and farther apart.

Kendra and Alex feel the effects of Liam and Sherry’s decaying marriage. Though she loves Alex, Kendra’s uneasiness about marriage intensifies as she watches Sherry’s storybook romance deteriorate in the face of real-life pressures. Their problems are compounded by growing tension with Mike and Kendra’s insistence that Alex do more to stop him from interfering between Sherry and Liam.

News of Richard’s deployment to Afghanistan rocks the family, forcing everyone to take stock of what is important in their lives. It prompts Sherry to boldly take back her marriage. In a gown befitting an Audrey Hepburn movie, she surprises Liam at his office, only to see their relationship begin spinning out of control, each taking a toll on others and threatening to unravel completely.

Through pain, all must seek forgiveness or decide if they can go on. Against this backdrop of pain and the search for forgiveness, LOOK AT ME AGAIN offers a glimpse into the lives of very normal people whose worlds are turned upside down, all because they take for granted the ones they love most.


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